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Borneo Pigmy

Save 100 metres of degraded rainforest

This gift buys 100 metres squared of unprotected forest in Sabah, Malaysia, to strategically create a new protected area and save endangered species. This strategic area will increase protected areas from a current 23 percent of land area to 30 percent, safeguarding nearly 1 million acres of rainforest over the next 4 years. Sabah forests ae home to the Bornean Orangutans, Sunda Pangolins and Borneo Pygmy Elephants. There are less than 1,500 pygmy elephants left in the world.

The main challenges for the Sabah forests are expanded deforestation and the serious proliferation of oil palm plantations, in addition to uncontrolled burning. Until these forests are protected, this degradation will certainly continue resulting in the complete habitat loss for animals vulnerable to forest conversion.