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Changing How Favourites Work

So we've put a lot of thinking into this, and our current favourites system doesn't work.

Coincidentally we had several questions in Feed yesterday with people asking about the limits and rules for favourites? What is a favourite? How is a favourite different from a vote? Does a favourite expire? Why can I favourite 3 gifts and only vote for one?

These are not good questions for a social platform that needs to be self explanatory. Part of our work today involved continuing to make changes to favourites in line with simplifying JellyChip.

We're currently changing how favourites works and we're removing the functionality to auto-vote for a gift perpetually. This means adding a notification command for favourites.

Users can "favourite" a gift to receive a notification when it goes live in Lifeline. This will give the favourite a specific purpose and not confuse favourite and vote.

It will also encourage users to come back to JellyChip and vote for a gift, knowing that their vote will actually be meaningful when there are no "lazy" favourites in play.

No votes in a gift will mean that JellyChip will randomly choose a gift from the selection. This will also be exciting to see. In other words, auto-voting will be removed.