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So we removed JellyTeddy from Lifeline last week (the pink teddy to the left of the gift) and we just wanted to give a brief explanation why.

The long story short is that the Tapjoy Offerwall couldn't guarantee you the points earned when you completed an offer. And that sucks for you.

We don't want to be associated with organisations that tap into our points economy but fail to deliver the rewards that our users earn. This effects badly on the user experience, making Chippers wary of trusting JellyChip and distorting our economy when select users are emailing Tapjoy to fulfill their offers.

Plus we are trying our damnest to make sure that the JellyChip system works as intended and is fair for all users. This means ensuring that all our points rewards, and partners, are working properly to deliver your points instantly.

Unfortunately Tapjoy was unable to explain their actions to us or reply sufficiently to requests for clarification. Therefore we have removed the JellyTeddy from Lifeline.

Rest in peace JellyTeddy. May you live on through social media and the minds and hearts of Chippers around the world.