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New Chat Stickers

Something we want to do with JellyChip Chat is make it more colourful.

We want colourful and neat. So we originally went about creating stickers with the exact same design as our JellyChip gifts. But they've kind of turned out rather boring.

So we've gone and reinvented the wheel again and created new sticker packs that are actually cool. Well, at least they say things now. And we love that.

We find ourselves wanting to express our interactions through stickers (perhaps that's the point of stickers). So these new stickers say things like "No Coffee, No Workee" and "Will You Be My Valentine?" Totally rad.

The first pack is free for all Chippers. This includes stickers like this:

And this:

The remaining 6 sticker packs will be available for users who have bought the JellyChip Sticker Pass for only $7.99.

This includes stickers like this:

And this:

We have set ourselves a new target: create one new sticker pack a week for Sticker Pass members!

So that's really it. Let's make JellyChip Chat colourful again! Note that it's really simple to buy the Sticker Pass. Simply click any of the stickers that other Pass holders use in Feed or Chat, and you'll be taken to the screen where you can purchase it.

It's a one-time purchase which will entitle you to all our current and future stickers!

Plus, you get a nice yellow star on your profile to show the world that you're supporting us. This money will go straight to our servers - to keep you earning and to keep us saving the planet.