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Otter Civet

Protect 100 metres of lowland forest

This gift buys 100 metres squared of lowland forest in the Kalimantan lowlands of southern Borneo, to protect this swath of forest and significant mammal population. This lowland contains some of the rarest mammal species in the world, including the Critically Endangered Bornean Orangutans, all five species of Bornean wild cats and elusive Otter Civit.

The main challenges faced by the lowlands involve extensive clearing over the past 25 users for palm oil, wood-pulp and massive forest fires in drained peat swamp forests. These landscape changes have led to significant pressure on lowland forests and associated species. This includes the Bornean Orangutan, which is expected to lose 86 percent of its population over the next 3 generations - as a direct result of agriculture.