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Partial Gifts in Profile

So we've begun work on a much-requested feature.

Having partial gifts in your Profile is hugely important to giving you a sense of pride and accomplishment (know the reference?) for your time spent in JellyChip.

Currently if you contribute to JellyChip, your achievements only show up in your Profile if you've bought a full gift - i.e. you've contributed enough points to buy an entire gift yourself.

For a gift like a tree worth 4,000 points, that's a lot of points to spend all at once on one gift.

I don't like that you can't see your progress continually. But no more!

We're developing a partial gift animation for gifts you have not yet purchased so that when a gift is successfully purchased in Lifeline, and if you've contributed to it, that contribution will be recognised in your Profile.

This will apply to all gifts at their fractional level (i.e. 1.5 Red Cedars or 14.8 River Gorillas or 0.4 Limber Pines or 0.8 Malayan Tigers) so any partial gifts that have not yet completed will be recognised.

We've done a nice little pie-chart-like animation and it looks good so far.