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The JellyChip Name

We've been getting a number of questions about how we earned our name - so we thought we would explain it!

Now this might seem like a funny post but we seriously had to find a place to put this where people would see it. Yep, we could have posted it on the FAQ but it might have been drowned out by more relevant information that Chippers might be looking for.

So here we go!

Why JellyChip?

Well... once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away.

Our Founder and CEO James decided to quit his job and start JellyChip. He designed the first version of JellyChip which was a website. The website was a hugely rough embodiment of what the app is today, but it encapsulated what the JellyChip platform does - a platform for free charity.

The website was made up of colourful circles, each with its own function. There was a Chat circle, a Snaps circle, a Surveys circle, a Trivia circle and a Shop circle (the predecessor to Lifeline).

When a user pressed each circle a series of menus would pop up giving the user something to do on the platform.

So James had to immediately work out a name for the platform. He was tired of traditional charities and their mundane names. If we were to create a social platform for the future of giving, we needed the name to reflect that. A fun, non-serious name for people of all ages and genders to recognise this by.

So: JellyChip

Chips represented the circles on the website and Jelly represented the colours that the Chips represented.

As JellyChip evolved into an app, and eventually the website was depreciated (turned off), we had to rediscover our identity and explain what our name means. So we thought this post should do it justice and be a point of reference for Nissl and the team moving forward who have to explain who we are!

So there we go! We hope you found this interesting and it serves as a historical reminder of who we are and where we came from.